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    When to use @Factory

    jk;l jkl; Expert

      In general, what's the difference between using @Factory and not? When should @Factory be used? What's the difference between the following two options (e.g. for populating a datamodel, or even for doing something else).

      private List<Stuff> stuff;
      public void getStuff() {
       stuff = findListOfStuff();

      public List<Stuff> getStuff() {
       return findListOfStuff();

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          None None Master

          I think your option #1 is good when a conversation is starting. What if it needs to display this list several times i the conversation? You don't want to call findListOfStuff() every time it is displayed, because that might involve DB queries, etc.

          Option #2 is ok if it's ok to regenerate the list every time.