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    param delivery on facelet template

    Andreas Franke Apprentice


      is it possible to deliver a param value from website to website?

      I have a template with sidebar container etc and a few derived pages from this template. In some cases I dont want display the sidebar.

      For this case I thought to can pass a parameter to template and use this value for 'renderer' attribut. But this doesn't work.


      <div id="sidebar" rendered="#{!dialog}"> <div class="menu"><a href...... </div>

      derived page
      <h:outputLink value="foo.seam" target="_blank">
       <f:param name="conversationId" value="#{conversation.id}"/>
       <f:param name="dialog" value="true" />
       <h:outputText value="edit"/>

      But the sidebar is allways displayed.
      What can I do to solve this problem?