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    Portlets & Conversations

    Jarkko Lietolahti Novice

      Hello everyone,
      Now that we've Seam 1.1 out, I'd like to start discussion about portlets, seam based intra portlet communication and making conversations (the power) work in that(portal+seam-IPC) environment.

      The current situation is that I've managed to get Seam based JSR-168 portlets work nicely (which is what Seam supports), then enabled IPC with some modifications to Seam code which allows me to use Seam Session scope to do IPC. What I'd like to achieve is somehow include conversations in this IPC, to actually get managed IPC.

      However, in this setup Seam conversations simply don't work or work very unreliable/randomly/pick-your-effect. And thus can't be used. What makes the environment more complex to Seam is that in portal enviroment (with Seam based IPC enabled) is that on one single portal page there can be multiple Seam based portlets. From which some portlets want to communicate with each other, like select (@Out(scope=session) something on portlet a, portlet b detects this selection (@In(scope=session)). Now, as I said, maybe somehow stop storing stuff in the session and use @Begin/@End instead?

      Actually, there is maybe a way to do some of the IPC by using AJAX on the client side. However, conversations get confused when there a multiple conversations going on in a single portal page containing multiple seam portlets.

      2(euro)cents worth,