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    Feature Request:  seam crud

    Anthony Whitford Newbie

      From this movie, I can see how Hibernate Tools can be used to reverse engineer a Seam CRUD application based on a database schema. My main problem is that the Entity beans that it generates aren't always right. (For example, I have two entities: Exchange and Country. There is a Many-To-One relationship between Exchange and Country, and that relationship is OK in the Exchange Entity bean, but the generated Country Entity bean gets a Set member that I do not want because I feel it tightens the coupling.)

      seam generate-entities can be used to do a basic reverse engineering, then I can tweak the entity bean a bit to my liking. Then, I'd like to be able to run something like seam crud to generate a CRUD interface for the entity. Is this possible? Is this on the roadmap?

      Also, it would be great if seam generate-entities accepted a list of database tables rather than having it scan the entire database everytime.