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    A4J.AJAX.Submit from fiji wrapped Flex component?

    Tom Tackabery Newbie

      I would like to call the A4J.AJAX.Submit() function from a Flex swf that is wrapped in a fiji:swf tag such that I can reRender some of the JSF page component tree. I have not been able to figure out how to call that function directly without passing it the id(s) of one or more a4j command components (e.g. a4j:commandButton, a4j:commandLink, etc). It appears that function extracts parameters from the command component tags; however, in many cases, I won't have (or want) a JSF (a4j) command component on the page.

      Is this possible? Also, I can't seem to find any documentation on the Rich Faces JavaScript Engine API. I would very much appreciate a link to such a document, if one exists.