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    all identical lines in datatable

    Ronald van Kuijk Master


      One of our applications has the requirement that the 'edit'/'display details' part of an object and the selection list are on the same page (kind of like mail clients have it)

      When the page is first displayed, the list (via a datamodel) is displayed correctly, but once I select an item, the details are displayed correctly and based on the role editable. In the list however each line contains the same data, the data related to the selected item. The number of lines is correct and clicking on another select shows me the data related to that select and all lines in the datamodel are filled with the newly selected item.

      For the datatable it does not matter if I use myfaces or icefaces, the behaviour is the same. The 'page' is however in an icefaces tab.

      Other info:
      Seam version: cvs-head
      Myfaces 1.1.4 or 1.1.5 (no difference)
      Icefaces 1.5.1
      Design of the application is identical to the issues example (selectors, finders, editors etc..)

      - Anybody else seen this?
      - Could it be related to the icefaces tabs (I will try, just asking, lots, lots of troubles with IceFaces for me, e.g. conversationswitching not working)
      - Where or what for should I look in the debug to see what is going on (the internals of seem are black box for me)