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    Facelets tag source file and s:button/s:link

    Guy Veraghtert Newbie

      s:button and s:link don't work well when they are used in parameterized tag source files.

      Suppose you have this simple seam component:

      public class SimpleSeamComponent {
       private String message;
       public String getMessage() {
       return this.message;
       public String action() {
       this.message = "Seam rocks!";
       return null;

      and an XHTL-facelet page:
      <html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml"
       xmlns:aca="http://www.aca-it.be/taglib/jsf" >
       <aca:tagSource bean="#{simpleSeamComponent}" />

      The facelets tag source file contains:
       <h:outputText value="Value: #{bean.message}" />
       <h:commandButton value="h:commandButton" action="#{bean.action}" />
       <s:button value="s:button" action="#{bean.action}" />

      When you push the h:commandButton the action is executed. When you push the s:button the action isn't executed.

      Is this expected behavior?