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    Need advice on using resultList and pagination

    Hari N Newbie

      I have been working with for the last 4 weeks and I have a query on using the resultList function.

      I used seam-gen and have been playing around with the code. My application has one main table and a lot of child tables

      The default code to display the child tables was to use ,h:datatable value=ChildTableEntityHome.resultList .

      I changed this to h:datatable value=parentTableEntityHome.getChildren

      Things worked with this but the pagintion has stopped working . I dug around and found the implementation of createQuery .

      I am thinking of modifying the ChildTableListcode to fetch only the results (i.e.) change the getEjbql method to include the foreighref if present

      The question I have is this :
      Will this work ?
      Is this the best way to go about this or should I implement the equivalent of the getResultList in the parentEntityHome.getChildren method also

      Thanks and regards

      The question I have is this