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    how to call modal panel from managed bean

    jaabax Newbie

      there is a way to call a modal from a managedbean?
      i have seen some examples like this

      //Class FacesHelper
       public static void addFatalMessage(String summary, String detail)
       FacesContext.getCurrentInstance().addMessage(null, new FacesMessage(FacesMessage.SEVERITY_FATAL, summary, detail));

      and inside managed bean I call it this way


      but when i call it, i received a "faces enqueued but maybe not displayed"
      how to implement it
      any tip?

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          Alexander Chubenko Newbie

          You can use "oncomplete" event of a a4j components (like a4j:commandLink) to call Model Panel after doing something instead of your solution.

          <a4j:commandButton value="button€"

          public class SomeBean
           private String fatalErrMsg = new String("Fatal Error!");
           public String getFatalErrMsg()
           return fatalErrMsg;
           public void someMethod()
           //doing something with fatalErrMsg

           <h:outputText value="#{someBean.fatalErrMsg}"/>