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    "Cannot remove ServletRequest Parameter" when integrating Se

    Melanie Ntolo Newbie

      I have a Seam+IceFaces application that works well.

      My goal is to integrate ADF according to what is written on the developer guide on page 18 about JSF integration.

      By reading the developer Guide, I understood that it is possible to integrate
      other JSF libraries with IceFaces in Seam under certain conditions.
      - I replaced icefaces.jar with just-ice.jar
      - I defined the "Faces Servlet" and the "*.faces" mapping for this servlet
      - I have a very simple xhtml page with only one <afh:outputText> tag.
      - Did I forget something?

      To integrate ADF with Seam, I used the "adfregistration example " on the wiki.

      When I test my application, by calling "mypage.faces" I have a bug in the restoreView method of the D2DViewHandler class.

      Typically the instruction below doesn't work:

      public UIViewRoot restoreView(FacesContext context, String viewId) {

      if (SeamUtilities.isSeamEnvironment() &&
      ( context.getExternalContext().getRequestParameterMap().remove(
      PersistentFacesCommonlet.SEAM_LIFECYCLE_SHORTCUT) != null)) {
      return null;


      The D2DViewHandler class delegates the instruction remove to the RequestParameterMap class of the org.apache.myfaces.context.servlet package. This method is not supported and throws an UnsupportedOperationException.

      Is it a bug?

      I'd like to know if somebody already succeeded in integrating
      Seam + IceFaces + ADF or another library as indicated on page 18.

      Thanks for help!

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          fhh Expert


          Is it a bug?

          Yes. Don't bother about fixing it as other will pop out. Check this forum. There is a thread about it.

          Icefaces is not ready for Development - IMHO.