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    Conversation in request parameter

    Andrew Apprentice

      I just started having issues with the conversation IDs with AjaxAnywhere:

      Below is in the format of: Action (AJAX state, Conversation action, conversation ID)

      1) create new report (AJAX, Begin/join, #22)
      2) Next page (AJAX-redirect, same, #22)
      3) Add new item (AJAX, Begin/nested, #25)
      4) Finish item (AJAX, End, #22)
      5) Add new item (AJAX, Begin/nested, #26)
      6) Finish item (AJAX, End, #26)
      7) Finish editing report (AJAX, no conversation #26 found !)

      It always happens the 2nd time (never the first). If I take a look at the HTML code after step #6, the conversation ID stored in the hidden input element is that of the nested one that just ended instead of the outside conversation that is the one that is currently active.

      Therefore, on step #7, the conversation ID is that of one that has been ended, and I loose my original conversation (in my example, #22).

      On the page that is re-rendered after step 6, there is a link that has:

      <f:param name="conversationId" value="#{conversation.id}"/>

      This renders the wrong conversation ID (in this case 26 instead of 22). If I delete this parameter everything works fine. Any ideas on why the #{conversation.id} is picking up the nested conversation that just ended instead of the outer/current conversation that is active?