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    How to keep state of rich:panelMenu cross pages?

    philip andrew Newbie


      I'm trying to use <rich:panelMenu and I have my panel menu items.

      <rich:panelMenuItem label="Member Activity List" action="#{panelMenu.memberActivityList}">

      It calls the seam component, panelMenu and calls that method which is

      public String memberActivityList() {
      return "/MemberActivityList.xhtml";

      The problem is - the <rich:panelMenu is not staying at the item I just clicked on, it folds up and does not show the selected menu item.
      Why is that so?

      Should I be returning something different from my method?

      Any help greatly appriciated,

      Thanks, Philip

      (sorry I posted this in the design of rich faces forum by mistake, so posted it here correctly)