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    Basic questions about conversations

    Siarhei Dudzin Apprentice


      I guess the answer to my question may be simple so please excuse me in advance for asking possibly stupid questions :)
      My general problem with conversations is that I have to use @Begin(join=true) everywhere I want to make the extend the conversation life-time otherwise I am getting illegal state exception if I encounter a @begin.

      So the first question is whether the purpose of @begin (without join=true) is to provide some kind of error control (preventing issues with the back button?). If so what would be a typical use-case other than just getting an error screen or forwarding to a exception page?

      And the second question which is also kind of related to the first one is that I would like to know whether it is possible to end a conversation upon leaving a page other than calling a certain method? I am curious about that because if I want to start a brand new conversation (without multiplying nested or joining existing conversations) when I navigate to another page (for example by using a bookmark or navigating in history).