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    Validating initial input parameters for a pageflow

    Daniel Spangler Newbie

      I would like to require an initial set of request parameters that get passed into a pageflow. Depending on whether those parameters are valid, I'd like to redirect to an error page. Ideally, I'd like to map those parameters to a model and use annotations to define the validation rules. Does anyone have any advice on the cleanest way of doing this?

      The three biggest questions in my head are:

      1) how do I map the initial set of parameters to a model because I can't use the h:inputText at this point?
      2) if I were to get it in a model how could I manually run the validation rules on the model within a decision node?
      3) is it even possible to start a flow with a decision? All of the examples I have seen begin with a start-page.

      These questions admittedly imply a very specific approach to the problem. I am open to any other suggestions that would provide the same result.

      Thanks in advance,