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    SEAM-GEN: Feature Recommendations

    Jason Taylor Newbie

      Seam Folks:

      I got the seam gen tools working great for my needs. However, I do have a few recommendations:

      1. Can the setup command take an extra parameter to keep different build.properties files -- I actually work on more than one application. My current workaround is to save the working build.properties file as projectname.build.properties and rename it when I need to gen more stuff.
      2. Can you create a filter or property setting that allow me to specify which tables I want included in the data model extraction? Not all my tables are or should be editable.
      3. There seems to be a bug with some data types in Oracle.
      4. EntityManager isn't created (or accessible) with the new-entity command.
      5. Can you make a property to control whether to use xhtml or jspx/jsf style views?
      6. Property controlling various paths (src, libs, etc) would be nice. Yeah, I know I can screw with the build.xml generated, but the option would be nice.
      7. Entity/Form creation -- allow for input of methods to go ahead and stub in. I guess that would be more difficult since you would need to know data types
      8. Single/additional entity/form extraction from data model would be neat -- right now there is all or nothing. :-)

      That's it for now. It would be way cool to eventually make a GUI version/option or Eclipse plugin that provides more features than is practical at the command prompt.

      Thanks for a great tool. Certainly helps jump start my Seam app development!