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    an approach about a problem is needed

    Mohammad Norouzi Novice

      I have two session beans with conversation scope.
      the former accept a query and parse it and then create a result set like jdbc reslt set and after that redirect the current page to result page.

      I want result page to have its own session bean. so I outject the resultset in first session and inject it in second one.

      but in second session bean, how can I populate my arraylist with result set?

      (my result set acts just like jdbc result but it works on a custom database not a real database)

      class SearchAction implements Search{
       @Out MyResultSet resultSet;
       public String doSearch(){
       //doing search ....
       resultSet = searcher.find("...");
       return "resultSearch";

      class ResultSearchAction implements ResultSearch{
       private List resultList;
       MyResultSet resultSet;
       public void setup(){

      is there any way to call setup() of second session bean automatically?