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    thirdparty-all.jar - which libraries are contained

    Carsten Hoehne Master

      i would like to make the footprint of my application a certain amount smaller. My app is running on tomcat without ejb3. So i removed jboss-elb3-all.jar and inserted the libs contained in the hibernate2 example.
      Now i was realizing that thirdparty-all contains some of the librarys in the hibernate2 example. e.g. commons-logging, commons-collections.
      I found this post:

      Peter Muir states

      You don't need to use thirdparty-all.jar when deploying to jboss as - it's just a wrapped up set of all the libraries that jboss provides but other environments don't.

      So i tried to remove thirdparty-all.jar from my application. This resulted in a class not found error. (javassist). I downloaded javassist from jboss, After putting the jar into the lib folder of my application, all runs well. I have succeded in removing ejb3-all and thirdparty-all

      My questions:
      1. Which librarys are bundeld in thirdparty-all?
      2. Without jboss-ejb3-all.jar i cannot use Interceptions. Which library do i have to add to get this functinality back?(very minor req.)