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    documenting Configuring Seam in a Portal

    Leo Baschy Novice

      Seam reference 13.8 "Configuring Seam in a Portal" should:

      mention TransactionalSeamPortletPhaseListener instead of SeamExtendedManagedPersistencePortletPhaseListener.

      Also, maybe it should mention not to use org.apache.myfaces.webapp.StartupServletContextListener.

      Also, maybe it should give more details on what the etc is after portlet.xml, etc.

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          Gavin King Master

          Any chance you could create a patch, with the instructions you think should go there?


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            Leo Baschy Novice

            Discovered too many problems with portal and facelets, i.e. using JSF instead of JSP like in the example.

            My mode: Trying to take code from seam-gen (new-project and generate-entities), see it run as application, then modifying it to run at least one view page in a portlet.

            I get something.html to show up in the portlet, but no luck with something.seam.

            Happen to deploy into Liferay (on JBoss w Tomcat).

            Anyone got working source? I don't mind doing diffs against such and trying it over and over until I can write that section of the manual.

            Time forced me to give up for now and keep making a "non-portlet" application. I'll again be asked to make it portal-able.