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    h:commandButton and h:commandLink don't delegate conversatio

    Siarhei Dudzin Apprentice

      Hi All,

      I have the following problem. I have a conversation scoped bean:

      public class RegionAction implements Serializable {
       @In(required=false) @Out(required=false)
       private Generalarticle selectedArticle;
       * Current Region bean
       private RegionBean region;
       private List<RegionBean> allRegions;
       public void loadAllRegions() {
       m_logger.trace("Loading all regions");
       this.allRegions = em.createQuery("from RegionBean as r")
       public String selectRegion(RegionBean aRegion) {
       this.region = aRegion;
       m_logger.debug("Current region is set to " + region);
       return RESULT_SHOW_REGION;
       public String submitEditGisArticle() {
       if ( null != this.region ) {
       if ( this.region.getGisArticle() == null) {
       this.selectedArticle = createGisArticle(region);
       } else if ( region.getGisArticle() != null ) {
       this.selectedArticle = this.region.getGisArticle();
       } else {
       FacesMessages.instance().add("Region is not selected!");
       m_logger.trace("submitEditGisArticle with #{selectedArticle} = #0", this.selectedArticle);
       return RESULT_EDIT_ARTICLE;

      From my understanding conversation begins with the factory method (which also seems to be backed up by logs)
      And I have the start page with the following:

      <s:link id="editLnk" value="#{message['edit']}"
       action="#{regionAction.submitEditGisArticle}" styleClass="texttoolbar" />

      In this case the result of regionAction.submitEditGisArticle leads me to the next page with the following:

      <h:form id="editForm">
       <h:inputText id="title" value="#{selectedArticle.title}" required="true"></h:inputText>
       <h:inputTextarea id="mainTextId" value="#{selectedArticle.text}" />
       <s:button id="submitBtn" value="save" action="success"></s:button>
      <h:messages />

      Now, this works fine (I get both region and selectedArticle carried across the conversation). But as soon as I replace s:link on the first page with the h:commandButton (I tried h:commandLInk as well) like this:

      <h:form id="edtRgnArt">
       <h:commandButton value="#{message['edit']}" action="#{regionAction.submitEditGisArticle}" />

      Then logs, debugging and h:messages show that region is null inside submitEditGisArticle

      Can anybody help with an advise what the problem might be?

      I use myfaces(tried 1.1.4 and 1.1.5)+facelets(tried 1.1.11 and 1.1.12)+ajax4jsf(tried 1.0.5 and 1.0.6)+seam(tried 1.1.0 and 1.1.0) in all cases with the same result - the region bean is null.

      Although the bean is null I still see this bean in a conversation context via debugger.xhtml:

      Conversation Context (2)

      Any help is appreciated!