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    Why must we do ant deploy.tomcat after each change?

    Guy Davis Newbie

      Please forgive this naive question, but is it really required to maintain a separate code workspace and tomcat installation, running ant each time to "deploy" a change. I'm more used to PHP and other CGI scripting approaches where the server picks up the change on the next web request by noticing the file has changed on disk.

      In the past, I've accomplished this using Tomcat in embedded mode from a custom Java server app within Eclipse in debug mode. Each change to a .java file was reflected right away on the next request. I also could set breakpoints on the fly.

      Am I correct in thinking I need to follow the standards in the Seam examples, where the src and view are held in one spot which are copied over as a war file into Tomcat using Ant? Is there no way to simply drop files into the webapps directory of Tomcat and just work from there?

      Thanks in advance,