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    Confused about Seam/JSF/Facelets Tools - Seeking some Guidel

    Terry Apprentice


      I am new to Seam. I am trying to work out which tools to use to start developing seam applications, but more I read more confusion I get myself in to.

      I like the concept behind Seam and am doing my best to be at ease with Seam development so I can convert current JSP web application on Tomcat TO JBoss Seam/JFS/Facelets on JBoss AS.

      However with so many different posts about project set up and conflicts in development tools (JBoss IDE/WTP) it is becoming rather confusing to pick a clear starting point.


      I would like to write web application using Seam, JSF, Facelets (xhtml).

      My Current Environment:
      Windows, Eclipse 3.1 with WTP. JBoss IDE 1.6, JBoss AS 4.0.5.

      I have generated seam application using Seam-Gen; and got it working from eclipse and auto deployment to JBoss AS. However, it seems JBoss IDE does not have graphical interface for JSF pages etc. The way Eclipse WTP does. And I keep reading using WTP will break this and that with Seam project.

      Can any one provide guidline which development tools to use. which provides some sort of graphical tools to simplify JSF/Facelets development???

      Thanks you.