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    dealing with returned types

    Ghinwa K Newbie

      Another basic question. I have JMS messages delivered to my servlet, and seam debug window shows:

      I would appreciate any help on how to extract the attributes of my.own.user.defined.CreateEvent in js code.


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          Ghinwa K Newbie


          <envelope><body><messages token="a58b4cdc-e9cb-4680-87f5-c96c7b098bdc"><message type="object"><value><bag><element><ref id="0"/></element></bag></value><refs><ref id="0"><bean type="com.nortel.emp.event.inventory.CreateEvent"></bean></ref></refs></message></messages></body></envelope>

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            Shane Bryzak Master

            Is CreateEvent a Seam component? If so you can import the js stub using its component name, eg:

            <script type="text/javascript" src="seam/remoting/interface.js?createEvent">

            Otherwise use its fully qualified class name:

            <script type="text/javascript" src="seam/remoting/interface.js?com.nortel.emp.event.inventory.CreateEvent">