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    seam-gen vs. reference doc re Home setId()

    Leo Baschy Novice

      seam-gen with generate-entities keeps generating methods like setSomethingId() and getSomethingId() in

      public class SomethingHome extends EntityHome<Something> {
       public void setSomethingId(String id) {
       public String getSomethingId() {
       return (String) getId();
       protected Something createInstance() {
       Something result = new Something();
       return result;

      Then in the generated Something.page.xml there is

       <param name="somethingFrom"/>
       <param name="somethingId" value="#{somethingHome.somethingId}"/>

      In contrast, seam reference doc shows

      <param name="personId" value="#{personHome.id}"/>

      and no methods wrapping setId() and getId(), i.e. no setSomethingId() and no getSomethingId().

      Big Question: Is it safe to not have setSomethingId() and not have getSomethingId() in my own code, just use setId() and getId()?

      And, are setSomethingId() and getSomethingId() there for a good reason we should know?

      And, will setSomethingId() and getSomethingId() be removed in the future?