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    User Experiences with IceFaces & How important are component

    Tony Herstell Master

      I have been creating a app using Seam and IceFaces and through great support here and in the IceFaces forum I have managed to get through a lot of bugs.

      The argument for Seam is compelling.

      The argument for Seam is even more compelling once the work that Gavin/Micheal and the team are doing with Spring comes to fruition.

      I can't help feeling that the IceFaces components make Seam even more compelling.

      Tapestry has enjoyed a significant following due to the lovely suite of components and even Mirco$oft have just released a suite of Ajax components that really work well.

      I was wondering how important other developers feel that the IceFaces components are to Seam?

      I have to be honest and say that I am still having enough problems with the IceFaces components when interacting with Seam to mean that I could not consider releasing the work yet and I continue in the hope that the Seam/Icefaces synergy comes "right".

      I would love your thoughts... was going IceFaces a mistake? is sorting out the IceFaces-Seam interface on the roadmap?

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          Gavin King Master

          FYI, Ted Goddard from ICE is travelling to Atlanta next week to meet with us about improving the integration between Seam and ICEFaces (fixing bugs, to begin with!). ICE support is very important to us. We realize that the user experience has been less than perfect so far, and we want to do much better on this front.

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            Tony Herstell Master

            That is truly awsome.

            I can offer my very small (6 relevant classes and not many more in total) SEAM project if it would help. It shows the following issues:

            Partial Submits for fields, if you do these too quick you get the application to fail Logged on IceFaces forums - currently my project has all partial submits commented out where it can.

            After a period of time a submission from a screen looses its conversation (this is very repeatable) Logged on IceFaces forums

            When icefaces initially displays a seam bean with a boolean setting of true; it displays it as false on the screen (checkbox unchecked on the screen). Not logged on IceFaces forums yet

            Following the icefaces manual and help from the IceFaces forum I could not get the bindings to work for a paginated table so could not follow the Icefaces recommended method for dealing with a problem where you had a table on page 3 and then you re-filtered which meant only having one page; but being left looking at an empty page 3. Actually; what bindings are and how to use them is not covered very well in any documentation.

            hitting enter from a filed to submit the form is non-trivial.

            I should think the meeting is more high level that individual issues; but if it would help... the project is available.

            Oh.. One last one that MAY be IceFaces related is the inability to destroy a conversation.

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              Gavin King Master

              Actually, that could be useful. Attach it to an issue in JIRA.

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                Tony Herstell Master

                Darn, now I have to write an Ant script to build it (I use MyEclipse and it deploys exploded directly into JBoss deploy area).
                I will get it attached on Sunday p.m. if thats ok? as I am fiddling with the tree component and it would be useful to have that in there too.

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                  Jens Weintraut Apprentice

                  I'm a little late, but in my application I've massive problems with ice:dataTable and @Factory, @DataTable and @DataTableSelection. The workaround you once mentioned with Tomahawk (see Wiki) doesn't work anymore.