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    Conversational(initiator=true) when immediate=true

    Paul Pantages Novice

      Hello fourm,

      seam 1.1.0.GA

      I am trying to use the Conversational(initiator=true) mechanism:.

      I have two methods in an "editor" bean, an SFSB that is in a nested conversation.
      public String apply();
      public String cancel();

      I want to stop someone from "back buttoning" into an editor page
      & re-invoking these methods a second time.

      I found that the Conversational(initiator=true) works fine for the apply() method,
      but is not enforced on the cancel() method.

      This is because my "cancel" button has an "immediate=true" set on it....
      I verified this by removing it. I guess the check is not applied or does not work in the "Apply Req Values" phase?

      So, is there a any way I can emulate the "initiator=true" check in the
      cancel() method?

      Also, on a similar note, I see from the docs that the usage of

      Conversational(ifNoBegunOutcome="xxx", initiator=true) etc.

      is deprecated in favour of
      "use no-conversation-view-id in pages.xml"

      The no-conversation-view-id works for me in pages.xml, but I can't
      figure out how to specify the "initiator=true" in pages.xml. I looked
      in the Page.java & don't see any ref. to it there..... Was it over-looked?

      Thanks, PdP