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    SEO and Clean Urls possible

    Jeff Cunningham Newbie

      I finally did some reading on Seam last week, and must say it looked very interesting. I had never been a fan of JSF, but Seam seems to fix a lot of the stuff i didnt like.

      So..it looks like apps do NOT have to store any session info beyond the request, which is good. However, i did have a couple more questions i hoped someone could answer.

      1) I had read that javascript can sometimes cause problems for search bots. Does the javascript generated by seam (jsf?) cause search bot issues, or are they able to follow links with no problem?

      1a) Could it be possible to avoid the js for submits for non-form links (like links to other pages, breadcrumbs, etc)

      2) Are clean urls possible, without requiring the redirect stuff? I guess this is related to 1a) above. We generally prefer urls that just look like /some/url, and /some/other/url, and /some/url?param1=bob¶m2=steve

      Anyone have any info on the questions above that they could provide?