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    RichFaces 3.1.6 NodeSelectListener not invoked

    Johannes Homuth Newbie

      Hi Forum,

      I've tried to get the nodeSelectListener in an Tree to work, but with no success.

      My Configuration
      Server:Glassfish V2
      JSF-Impl:MyFaces V1.1.6 (We have to take this Version :-()
      RichFaces: 3.1.6 (The last with JSF 1.1 support!!!)

      Here my view

       <h:panelGrid columns="2" width="100%" columnClasses="col1,col2">
       <rich:tree id = "tree"style="width:300px" nodeSelectListener="#{TreeLibrary.processSelection}"
       reRender="selectedNode" ajaxSubmitSelection="true"
       value="#{TreeLibrary.rootNode}" var="item">
       <h:outputText escape="false" value="Selected Node: #{TreeLibrary.nodeTitle}" id="selectedNode" />

      The method in the controller
       public void processSelection(NodeSelectedEvent event) {

      The method will not be invoked! Furthermore I found something in the description which is incorrect, or all other descriptions I found, I dont know

      There stands that the signature you have to use is

      (signature must match void nodeSelectListener(org.richfaces.event.NodeSelectedEvent))

      I've tried this but also no success. Do anyone know what I'm doing wrong?

      Thx for suggestions