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    Outjection of Seam components into Session scope

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      Looking at the Seam docs:

      Seam docs wrote:

      Specifies that a component attribute that is not a Seam component type is to be outjected to a specific scope at the end of the invocation.

      Ok, I can see that happening in practice. If I have a bean that has:

      @Out(scope=ScopeType.SESSION) private String foo;

      then that does in fact outject a string called "foo" into the session. Obviously String is not a Seam component.

      If I do the same code like this:

      @Out(scope=ScopeType.SESSION) private User user;

      where User is in fact a Seam-managed component, with a default (conversation) scope, it doesn't work.

      Hmm. Does this mean that I should have multiple roles for my Seam components? Like for User, we want one user that is session-scoped, for the guy who is logged in, and we want another user that is conversation scoped, for creating a new user. Is the right way to do this to have two Roles attached to user, one session-scope and the other default (conversation) scoped?

      I'm just trying to figure out what's the best practice on this.