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    Auto Submit

    ZJ DA Newbie


      I have a login page and another application has a link to the page. The link includes user name and password. I want the login page to check for user name and password. If they are not empty, it will automatically submit to #{backbean.login} with no need of button clicking. I don't want to use the servlet filter since it is not neccessary for all requests to go through the filter. Any suggestion?


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          Thomas Kessler Newbie


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            Thomas Kessler Newbie

            Whoops my markup didn't show, here:

            <body onload="doSomeThing()">

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              ZJ DA Newbie

              Thank you for your suggestion. Actually, I did use the onload as the following code. However, it did not work. IE keeps refreshing and FF does nothing. I set a break point in #{sessionInfo.loginAction}, but it never stops, meaning no request sends to the method. Any idea?


              <body style="margin: 0px;" onload="document.loginForm.submit();">
               <a4j:include id="header" viewId="/pages/header.xhtml" />
               <h:form id="loginForm">
               <h:panelGrid columns="3" cellspacing="5px" cellpadding="5px">
               <h:outputLabel value="User Name:" for="username" />
               <h:inputText id="username" value="#{sessionInfo.username}" />
               <h:message for="username" errorClass="ValidateError" />
               <h:outputLabel value="Password:" for="password" />
               <h:inputSecret id="password" value="#{sessionInfo.password}" />
               <h:message for="password" errorClass="ValidateError" />
               <h:commandButton value="Login" action="#{sessionInfo.loginAction}" />
               <a4j:include id="footer" viewId="/pages/footer.xhtml" />

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                Thomas Kessler Newbie

                you may have to specify: "type=submit" on the "h:commandButton". i would also check the source of the page after it renders. you could also tie a "a4j:jsFunction" to the "loginAction" and call then call the javascript method defined in the "a4j:jsFunction" component.

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                  ZJ DA Newbie

                  Thanks. I added "type=submit", but it did not help. Here is the source of the page:

                  <body style="margin: 0px;" onload="javascript:document.loginForm.submit();">
                  <form id="loginForm" name="loginForm" method="post" action="/test/faces/pages/authentication.jsp" enctype="application/x-www-form-urlencoded">
                  <input type="submit" name="loginForm:j_id51" value="Login" />

                  I will try a4j:jsFunction as you suggested.

                  Again, thank you and happy holiday.

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                    ZJ DA Newbie

                    I looked at a4j:jsFunction and I think that it is not good for this case. Instead, I created a AuthenticationServlet which does the job.

                    Thank you and happy New Year.

                     if (request.getSession().getAttribute(UserSessionManager.USER_SESSION) == null) {
                     String userName = request.getParameter("username");
                     String password = request.getParameter("password");
                     if( userName == null || userName.length() == 0 || password == null || password.length() == 0 ) {
                     } else {
                     try {
                     ApplicationContext context = WebApplicationContextUtils.getWebApplicationContext(getServletContext());
                     IApi api = (IApi) context.getBean("api");
                     api.authenticate(userName, password, request);
                     } catch (ApiException ae) {