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    Global Update events/@Observe

    Markus Dahm Novice


      consider the following situation:
      I've got a page and a bean containing a @DataModel list. You can click on the list
      and edit one of the entries. Now the list may need an update, because
      the contained data may have changed. The user is free to navigate to
      this page at any time, so the data needs always to be accurate.

      So I raise every time an event when a data item has been changed
      using raiseEvent(). The list SSB accordingly
      contains a method annotated with @Observe() that resets the list.

      This works fine within the same user session. However I'd like to have
      something like a global raiseEvent/@Observe that will forward this event
      to all current sessions, so that all active users always see the most current
      (I'm aware that there still may be a "lost update" problem :-)

      I don't know how this can be with Seam.

      If this a feature request, I'd suggest that you can scope an event to a
      certain ScopeType which is by default the session context.