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    How do I use rich:fileUpload

    Franco Fernandes Novice

      I apologize if this is a heavy question

      I wanna upload a single file to my server. Using Seam's s:fileUpload would allow me to upload to a LOB in my db from what I read.

      I read the documentation here and I can't really understand on how to use this richfaces component.

      I tried

      <rich:fileUpload id="upload" listWidth="100px" listHeight="100px"
       acceptedTypes="jpg, gif, png, bmp">

      and after uploading, I found the file in my /tmp folder (windows)

      My questions are:

      Can I upload direct to a server folder say /myapp/images that I have write access to?
      Do I have to write code in the uploadListener to do this ?, anyone have sample code?

      In my case, I am replacing an existing image. So is possible to change the label for Add button to Replace ?