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    starting seam component from "standard" jsp

    Roland Knor Newbie

      I have an existing jsp-application, but I want to use seam for a new module. To prevent another login, I have the idea is, that I put a kind of session-Id to the seam-components via a request-Parameter when starting the "seam-module" and the seam-component reads different parameters via this session-Id.

      Is this a good way or is ther a better solution for such a situation???

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          Norman Richards Master

          I'm not sure what you are asking. Are you asking how to do single sign-on between two applications (a Seam application and a non-seam application) on one app server?

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            Roland Knor Newbie

            My Problem is:

            I have an existing Web-Application that is implemented with plain JSP and Servlets. Now I want to add seam-pages to the application.

            The new pages however need to know which user is already logged in, but also about the status of certain other parameters that are kept in the http-Session that are set in the jsp application.

            is there a way to get this parameters (or at least on) from plain jsp to "all the http-Stuff hiding" seam-pages?

            I hope that this description made my problem clear...