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    ui:repeat only shows one item after some time

    Radu Aghinii Newbie

      Earlier today i ran into a strange problem.

      At one point all my <ui:repeat> tags stopped working
      correctly and would only show the first element of the list
      they were supposed to iterate over. (this was several unrelated lists
      in two different backing beans one page scope, one event and all
      behaved in the same way.) Some other lists that were in
      forEach loops were not similarly affected.

      At least one other person has seen this and he's traced it
      to the sun server VM on linux , but i haven't seen many mentions of it and nothing definitive.


      Has anyone else heard /seen anything about it?
      (most interesting would, of course be a fix or workaround)

      my env is Fedora Core 6 32-bit w/ the latest 1.5 sun jdk. (_10, i think)
      jboss 4.0.5.GA seam 1.1.5. (w/ whatever facelets and jsf version comes w/ this jboss)

      The behavior was consistent through restarts of Jboss
      (including clean recompilation and clearing out of server
      temp files), but it didn't occur on Windows or OS X.
      (only tested it on a single linux box, but unfortunately the
      production env. is 32-bit linux w/ sun jvms so that's the most
      important one.)

      After a few hours the problem seems to have stopped happening. There's active development going on on the app so changes were made to some of the xhtml files and java classes involved but nothing fundamental.