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    Seam FacesMessages with its createFacesMessage method and i1

    Fernando Montaño Expert

      Hi everyone.

      I just developing JSF converters and JSF validators and you are noticed that both of them have a way to add a FacesMessage when throwing the Exception (ConverterException and ValidatorException respectively).

      I saw static method FacesMessages.createFacesMessage(..) which returns a FacesMessage, but that mehod does not works for me, because I wanna show an internationalized message (using messages.properties).

      So, what do you think to add a new method which allows us to get a FacesMessage using a resource bundle key?

      Something like:

      public static FacesMessage createFacesMessageFromResourceBundle(Severity severity, String key, Object... params)

      What do you think?

      or is there another way can I get a FacesMessage in the situation I describe above?