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    Seam and XML configuration files doubt

    Fernando Montaño Expert


      I have the following doubt:

      I wanna have pages.xml and even components.xml arranged by module (application specific of course), having as example this distribution:

      + components.xml (general Seam components)
      + components-contacts.xml (Contact module components)
      + components-sales.xml (Sales module components)

      and for pages:

      + pages.xml (general pages and exceptions to be used in all app.)
      + pages-contacts.xml (all pages belonging contact module)
      + pages-sales.xml (Sales module pages)

      Is above configuration possible?

      I saw the documentation and check point 4.3. out (Fine-grained configuration files), but this is not what I mean here.

      Anybody knows if is this possible? and if not, I think it could be a good alternative to have included. do you?