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    Progressbar not displayed

    Thomas Delhoménie Newbie


      I've got a problem when using progressbar component. The progress bar is only displayed when the max value is reached. I want the progress bar to be displayed when I click on the a4j:commandButton and see the value increase.

      Here is my jsp :

      <a4j:commandButton actionListener="#{transfertDocsBackingBean.doTransfert}"
       <rich:progressBar id="progressBar" value="#{transfertDocsBackingBean.nbDocsProcessed}"
       interval="2000" label="#{transfertDocsBackingBean.nbDocsProcessed}"
       enabled="true" minValue="0" maxValue="#{transfertDocsBackingBean.nbDocsToMove}">

      and my backing bean :
      public class TransfertDocsBackingBean {
       public int getNbDocsProcessed() {
       return nbDocsProcessed;
       public void doTransfert(ActionEvent event) {
       nbDocsToProcess = 100;
       for(int i = 0; i < nbDocsToProcess; i++) {
       this.nbDocsProcessed = i+1;