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    Views within views

    jk;l jkl; Expert

      I need to have XHTML views containing other views using the templating features of Facelets. e.g. view "outside.xhtml" contains views "inside1.xhtml" and "inside2.xhtml".

      However, because each view can also be seen as a standalone view, I'm concerned about conflicts in the injected/outjected components that may not be evident initially. Does such a risk exist? e.g. inside1.xhtml outjects a value that gets overridden by inside2.xhtml. Or was Seam designed to handle such things, where variables are kept apart (e.g. DataModels, DataModelSelections...)

      The next issue is with navigation. In pages.xml, which view would you mention for a link clicked in inside1.xhtml - would it be outside.xhtml, or inside1.xhtml? (Keeping in mind that the address bar would of course show outside.xhtml)

      Any other potential troubles here?