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    Stateless DAOs and SMPC

    Fabricio Lemos Newbie

      I just implemented my first Seam conversation and now I want it to use a Seam-managed persistence context.

      I have SFSBs accessing SLSBs DAOs. Reading the posts I could see two ways of doing this:

      1. Implement my DAOs as Stateful Seam components.
      2. Declare the EM not only in DAOs, but also in the SFSBs.

      First question: are these ways correct?
      Second: These two ways seems to be a little strange solutions. Are there other ways?

      thanks in advance,
      Fabrício Lemos

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          Gavin King Master

          Neither (1) nor (2) is needed. If it is a *seam-managed* extended persistence context, it Just Works.

          If it was a *container-managed* extended persistence context, that is a different ballgame and something like (1) or (2) is necessary.

          You are misunderstanding the forum discussions.