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    question about rerendering

    Duncan Stockdill Newbie

      Is it right that if I use the rerender attribute, only the target section of the view is processed in the render response phase? The reason I ask is that I am seeing something different - i.e. components outside of the output panel appear to be rerendered. The simplified scenario is as follows:

      <a:repeat value="#{myList}" var="item">
       <a href="#{item.url}">#{item.name}</a>
      <a:outputPanel id="myPanel">
       <h:inputText value="#{myEntity.inputField}">
       <a:support event="onkeyup" actionListener="#{myAction}" ajaxSingle="true" reRender="myPanel" />

      myList is factory generated by Seam. When I change a value in the input field I was hoping that only this part of the page (i.e. "myPanel") would be processed and re-rendered. However, I can see that myList is being populated on each request. Is this expected behaviour? I have tried putting an <a:region> around the panel but myList is still retrieved.