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    Announcement: iText 2.0.0


      Hi all,

      I just found the announcement of iText 2.0.0, with following text in the release notes:

      * iText and SEAM:
      iText is now being used in jBoss SEAM, and after informing with Norman Richards
      (who developed the PDF package in SEAM) I added some methods to iText:
      o A helper method for jBoss SEAM:
      convert a String with entities to a normal string
      (with unicode characters)
      o ElementTags: You can now convert an alignment String to an alignment value
      o PageSize: there's a method in the toolbox that translates a String to a Rectangle,
      but I rewrote a method by Norman Richards that has more potential.
      My method could only translate Strings like "A4" and "LETTER"
      to a corresponding Rectangle; with Norman's method you can
      also use Strings like "400 600".
      I adapted the method so that "166.66 333.33" are also allowed.

      iText support in Seam is really cool! Great work...