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    Programmatic control of Pages component

    Mike Quilleash Newbie

      Currently (1.1.6) it is possible to programmatically build the Page components that are usually read from pages.xml by doing

      Pages.getPage( viewId )

      with a viewId that doesn't have a pages.xml entry (it creates an empty page with the viewId if one is already present from pages.xml and a "viewId.pages.xml" file does not exist).

      Just wondering if this is a) intentional and b) going to be preserved in future versions. I can see the ability to do this coming in VERY useful for me in the near future but I didn't want to rely on something that may not be an intended feature.

      (I have a bunch of pages that all need the same action invoking before the page is rendered and don't want to churn out a load of duplicate pages.xml or run the risk of forgetting one in the future.)