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    Remoting: Use mock-xml instead of server-call?!

    Stefan Frank Newbie

      Basically. we want to have the ability to test our javascript-clients without any server: Is there a way to mock the xml that remoting uses?! We want to use a static xml and then use the remoting-apis to deserialize this on the client without needing a call to the server.

      Ideally, this could be implemented by using json instead of xml: We could then use the produced json in a disconnected enviroment, without relying on the server-infrastructure.

      Therefore my questions:

      a) is there a way to re-direct the deserialization-mechanism of remoting to use a static xml instead of a server-call?!

      b) could the remoting-protocols be made pluggable and use json instead of xml?

      This would make it easier, to develop&test the clients and the server independently from each other.