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    Seam + IceFaces

    Tony Herstell Master

      Is is likely that RedHat/JBoss would buy/absorb IceFaces to add them to the stack that they support?

      The supportable stack for Seam is already outstripping JBoss AS now with support for WebSphere and others.

      A lot of companies want "one throat to throttle" when incorporating stacks.


      Huge experience in JBoss (Seam) team of managing Open Source Apps (many open source developers have offered to help with iceFaces but are they being utilised yet?)

      Already IceFaces / Seam have a close relationship (see point above!).

      One Stop Shop for training for Web2 Apps.

      One $$commercial$$ support contract for using a typical stack like:
      Linux Server Running Red Hat (or equiv).
      Some DBase server (MySql?)
      JBoss (or other supported) Application Server (cluster)
      Seam App(s) (inc. Spring Legacy code) .

      One Forum (with bug tracking)