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    fileUpload (integrated component)

    Anonymous User Newbie

      I'm having trouble with "s:fileUpload". In particular, I'm getting:

      at org.jboss.seam.ui.FileUpload.decode(FileUpload.java:52)

      My view page is straight JSP (no Facelets; I haven't gone there with Seam yet). The tag instance is:

      <s:fileUpload data="#{manager.mergeData}" />

      FileUpload, lines 51 and 52 are:

      ValueBinding dataBinding = getValueBinding("data");
      Class cls = dataBinding.getType(context);

      So, it would seem that the binding to propery 'data' is either not working, or retrieving the binding doesn't work.

      Any ideas? I'm stuck, and will soon have to resort to Tomahawk ...