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    DataModelSelection with two beans without using session scop

    Thomas Hamacher Novice


      is there a possibility to use the @DataModelSelection over two different beans without using the session-scope for injection?
      Right now it works if I use the bean with the @DataModel and the @DataModelSelection with session-scope and use this value through an @In annotation in my other bean. But what I don´t like is that I set the value in session-scope then, so that a create=true with the @In-Value might not work because of old values. But everytime I change the scope of the @Out-value to anything other than session, I don´t have any value in my other bean anymore.

      Some code for further details:

      public class ActionBeanA implements IActionBeanA{
       private List<Item> itemList;
       @Out(required=false, scope=ScopeType.SESSION)
       private Item item;

      @Name("ActionBeanB ")
      public class ActionBeanB implements IActionBeanB {
       @In(required=true, create=true)
       private Item item;

      Thanks for your help