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    Localselector in repeater

    Dimitri Poppe Newbie


      In most samples on the internet people uses the selectonemenu to select a local. But we want to select a locale using an arraylist of strings.


      public ArrayList<String> getLanguages(){
       ArrayList<String> items = new ArrayList<String>();
       for(SelectItem s : LocaleSelector.instance().getSupportedLocales())
       items.add((String) s.getValue());
       return items;
       public void setLanguage(ActionEvent ae){
       UIComponent tmpComponent = ae.getComponent();

      <ui:repeat value="#{languagesAction.languages}" var="language">
       <s:link value="#{language}" actionListener="#{languagesAction.setLanguage}" />

      We can't set an ID dynamically (valuebinding 'problem'), using the f:param didn't work.

      Who can help us?

      Kind Regards