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    Applying custom style to the toolbar component

      Iam using the richfaces tool bar component, in my JSF application. The component seem to work as desired, but when I try to apply my own css stylinng to the component, it does not seem to take effect.

      The JSP page code snippet where Iam using toolbar coponent is as shown below

      <h:form id="toolbar">
       <rich:toolBar height="34" id="bar" itemSeparator="line" style="background-color: #B02B2C;color:yellow" >
       <rich:toolBarGroup id="myhomegrp">
       <h:commandLink id="home" value="My Home" action="#{oneLineSearchBean.workspace}"> </h:commandLink>
       <rich:toolBarGroup id="searchgrp">
       <h:commandLink id="search" value="Search" action="#{oneLineSearchBean.home}" > </h:commandLink>
       <rich:toolBarGroup id="newfilegrp">
       <h:commandLink value="New File" id="newfile" action="#{newFileBean.newFileGeneration}" > </h:commandLink>
       <rich:toolBarGroup id="helpgrp">
       <h:outputLink id="help" onclick="window.open('../help/help.faces', 'popupWindowName', 'dependent=yes, menubar=yes, toolbar=yes');" value="#" >
       <h:outputText value="Help"/>
       <rich:toolBarGroup id="logoffgrp">
       <h:commandLink value="Log Off" id="logoff" actionListener="#{oneLineSearchBean.logOff}" > </h:commandLink>

      As can be seen from the toolBar style tag Iam trying to apply my own color(red) to the toolBar, but this does not seem to take effect for some reason. I have tested it in IE 7.0 , firefox and I.E 6.0.

      Any suggestions are most welcome.
      Thanks in advance