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    seam-gen error (generate-entities did not work)

    paata lominadze Master

      hi all,
      seam version : 1.1.6 GA (i got it from CVS few days ago)
      jboss version : 4.0.5 GA
      ant version : 1.7.0
      os version : SUSE LINUX 10.1 (i586)
      java version : 5.0

      i tryed to use seam gen template,
      fierst i did seam setup, then seam new-project, all works fine now i want generate entities but i got an error:

      paatal@paatal:~/InstalledPrograms/jboss-seam-1.1.6.GA> ./seam generate-entities
      Buildfile: build.xml
      [hibernate] Executing Hibernate Tool with a JDBC Configuration (for reverse engineering)
      [hibernate] 1. task: hbm2java (Generates a set of .java files)
      [hibernate] 23-Feb-07 1:48:19 AM org.hibernate.cfg.Environment <clinit>
      [hibernate] INFO: Hibernate 3.2 cr4
      [hibernate] 23-Feb-07 1:48:19 AM org.hibernate.cfg.Environment <clinit>
      [hibernate] INFO: hibernate.properties not found
      [hibernate] 23-Feb-07 1:48:19 AM org.hibernate.cfg.Environment buildBytecodeProvider
      [hibernate] INFO: Bytecode provider name : cglib
      java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org.hibernate.bytecode.cglib.BytecodeProviderImpl
      Total time: 3 seconds

      any idea ?