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    Wiki entry: SeamEntityHomeForLongRunningContexts

    Carsten Hoehne Master

      i want to give some thougts about this wiki entry http://wiki.jboss.org/wiki/Wiki.jsp?page=SeamEntityHomeForLongRunningContexts
      I am using this approach since seam supports it. And i am not quite sure, but for me Peter is one of the initiator of this idea?

      One question: currentUserId is never changed, so the @Out has only the effect to transfer currentUserId to session scope? So you can set currentUserId in any scope and after accessing currentUser you will find the currentUserId automatically bound to session scope.
      But nothing hinders you to set the currentUserId directly in session scope.
      If you do this, it is possible to achieve the same by configuration in components.xml.

      <factory name="currentUser" value="#{currentUserHome.instance}"/>
       <framework:hibernate-entity-home name="currentUserHome" entity-class="class.for.User">

      This behaves exactly the same as Peters example in the wiki,iff you set currentUserId in the correct scope(here session).
      This works with seam1.1.6