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    From Submission

    Yogesh Dabhi Newbie

      I have to try to submit form but value was not submited

      for that i use <rich:modalPanel >

      jsp code

      <rich:modalPanel id="ModalPanel" moveable="true" binding="#{backingBean.addModal}">
      <f:facet name="header">
      <h:outputText value="Selected Rows"/>
      <f:facet name="controls">
      <h:commandButton value="Close" actionListener="#{backingBean.hideaddModal}" onclick="javascript:Richfaces.hideModalPanel(ModalPanel)"/>
      <h:panelGroup styleClass="scrolls" id="panelgroup">
      <rich:panel id="newpanel">
      <h:inputText id="id" value="#{backingBean.newItem.id}" />
      <a4j:commandButton value="#{msg.ok}"
      action="#{backingBean.createItem}" type="button" oncomplete="javascript:Richfaces.hideModalPanel(ModalPanel)" />
      BackingBean.java code
      public class BackingBean {
       private UIModalPanel addModal;
       private Item newItem= new Item();
      public Item getNewItem() {
       return newItem;
       public void setNewItem(Item newItem) {
       this.newItem= newItem;
       public UIModalPanel getAddModal() {
       return vpnAddModal;
       public void setAddModal(UIModalPanel addModal) {
       this.addModal = addModal;
       public String createVpn() {
      System.out.println(" get create ++++++++++++++++++++++++++");
      System.out.println("ctreate vpn"+newItem.getId() );
      Item.java code
      public class Item {
      private String id = "";
       public VPN() {}
      public String getId() {
       System.out.println("set ssid"+id);
       return ssid;
       public void setId(String id) {
       this.id = id;
       System.out.println("set ssid"+this.id);

      but out is null for id when i submit button

      so please help me out
      as quick as possible

      Yogesh N Dabhi